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In order to provide the highest possible levels of service, Expeditus Consulting has developed links with a select number of partner companies:

p4tp...passion for team performance...building teams that make a difference
P4TP...Passion for Team Performance ... Building teams that make a difference
Set up as a separate company in its own right by Expeditus Consulting Director Manny Coulon and Contour Consulting Director Neil Middleton, P4TP goes beyond traditional teambuilding, management development and training to deliver real results that benefit businesses, teams and individuals.

P4TP was designed to respond to the failure of many organisations to provide teambuilding and management development tailored to the needs of each individual client or to ensure that benefits are realised after training programmes. P4TPís approach ensures that ideas are applied back in the workplace, locking in learning and reinforcing benefits to participants and the business.

For organisations and managers wanting to build successful teams at any level of a business, teams that really perform, teams that can make things happen and that can add significant value to the company, contact P4TP.

P4TP...Passion for Team Performance...Building teams that make a difference:

Contour Consulting. Shaping change in organisations
Contour Consulting provides organisational development consulting, team, leadership and management development to clients in the UK and internationally.

Specialising in behavioural aspects of organisational, team and individual performance, Contour Consulting enables clients to achieve and sustain success by responding to and adapting to change. Contour helps organisations shape change, developing compelling visions, meaningful values and an appropriate culture, whilst also helping organisations move to the future, managing transitions, seizing opportunities and building change capability within the organisation.

Contour Consulting. Shaping change in organisations.

Expeditus Consulting ... making change happen ... delivering real results

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