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Set up in 2002 by Manny Coulon after 15 years experience working in ‘Blue Chip’ companies and in a top consulting firm, Expeditus Consulting differentiates itself by achieving significant, measurable and sustainable results through close co-operation with client personnel and by being sensitive to the needs of the business and of its most important assets – its staff and its customers.

Expeditus Consulting prides itself on delivering real results to its clients. It achieves this by focusing on:
- Assessing the need for change
- Careful planning, managing and implementation of change programmes
- Communication of the need for change
- Making the change happen
- Delivering sustainable, quantifiable benefits
- Providing active support to develop client management and staff  – both individually and in groups

In order to ensure that change is not only effective, but also sustainable, each engagement is carefully scoped in close co-operation with the client and typically addresses four key areas:
- Policy
- Process
- People
- Systems

Experience has found that very many change programmes fail to deliver, or even fail completely because only one or two of the above areas were considered. By ensuring a holistic, balanced approach that takes into consideration all four areas, change programmes can be built on a much stronger footing, and consequently have a much greater probability of success.

Expeditus Consulting ... making change happen ... delivering real results

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