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Below are answers to some of the questions we are asked most often. Naturally, if you have any questions that are not answered here, please do contact us directly. [Contact us]

  • Who is behind Expeditus Consulting? [...]
  • Where does Expeditus Consulting work? [...]
  • What sectors does Expeditus Consulting serve? [...]
  • Why “Expeditus”? [...]

Who is behind Expeditus Consulting?
Expeditus Consulting was set up in 2002 by Manny Coulon after 16 years working in industry and consulting for top companies worldwide, successfully planning, managing and implementing change. Manny is a science graduate and has an MBA from Warwick Business School, one of the top European business schools. In order to best serve is clients, Expeditus Consulting only uses highly qualified and experienced consultants, who have been successful managers in their own right.
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Where does Expeditus Consulting work?
Based in the UK, Expeditus serves businesses locally, nationally and internationally. We have a track record of delivering results to our clients wherever in the world they have a presence and need support. Whilst we normally work in English, we can also in many cases provide support in local languages, as necessary.
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What sectors does Expeditus Consulting serve?
Expeditus Consulting has worked in many business sectors, including advanced materials, automotive, chemicals, electronics, fibres, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, leisure and travel, non-wovens and technical textiles, not-for-profit, paper, retail, security and security products. We try wherever possible to staff projects with people that know and understand the sector in order to help them be more productive from the start.
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Why “Expeditus”?
A question we are often asked is “Why Expeditus? What’s the origin of your name?”. The answer to this is quite simple. Expeditus is the Patron Saint of prompt solutions, financial success. St Expeditus is also widely known as the Patron Saint against procrastination.

So in the absence of a Patron Saint of Consulting, St Expeditus seemed to us to be the most suitable alternative. Given that we are very much about planning, managing and implementing change - making change happen - and in the most efficient and timely way possible to add the maximum value to our clients, we felt that Expeditus Consulting was a most appropriate name.
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