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Announcing the launch of P4TP...Passion for Team Performance
01 October 2004

    P4TP ... Passion for Team Performance ... Building teams that make a differenceP4TP...passion for team performance...building teams that make a difference  P4TP
      ...Passion for Team Performance
    Building teams that make a difference

Expeditus Consulting has joined forces with specialist organisational and personnel development consultancy, Contour Consulting, to create a new teambuilding, management development and training company: P4TP...Passion for Team Performance.

Experience suggests that businesses are being short-changed when it comes to teambuilding and management development. Training programmes often fail to deliver the hoped for changes in performance and what typically results is no more than a short term boost in team spirit.

P4TP goes beyond traditional teambuilding and management development by ensuring that ideas are applied back in the workplace, thereby locking in learning and benefiting participants, teams and businesses. P4TP delivers improved performance and real value - not just to the business, but also to teams and to individuals.

Director of P4TP’s Warwickshire office, Manny Coulon, explains: “What makes P4TP’s approach so powerful is that we look to provide ways to apply learning to specific issues back in the workplace. Staff have the opportunity to use what they have learnt in a very real and practical way. This locks in their learning, and produces concrete, measurable benefits to the business. Management development and teambuilding should be value-add, and not a cost to our clients.”

Neil Middleton, Director of P4TP’s Gloucestershire office adds “Our techniques and experience develop individual confidence, competence and contribution. The result is commitment, innovation and high productivity from teams that can rapidly seize and exploit business opportunities in competitive times.”

“P4TP is different. P4TP works to make change happen and to build long term value in organisations. For businesses wanting team building at all levels of an organisation to be more than just recreational group activity that delivers only short-term team bonding, there is now an alternative.”

For more information about P4TP and how its innovative and powerful services can help you and your business, please follow the link to P4TP’s website:

P4TP ... Passion for Team Performance ... Building teams that make a difference

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