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Interim Management

From time to time, many companies find themselves in the need of temporary senior management support. This can be to cover for an existing director or senior manager taking a sabbatical, a temporary reassignment to other postings, illness, maternity or if a key manager leaves suddenly.

An increasingly common reason for taking on interim managers is to plug skills gaps - to provide a temporary injection of specific skills required by a business to successfully undertake some projects or activities that would not otherwise be possible.

At Expeditus Consulting, we have experienced staff who prior to joining Expeditus were successful senior managers and company directors in their own right. Not only do they understand the requirements and challenges of most senior functions, but they can also bring to bear their significant experience in helping implement change, solving a variety of business problems.

Whether it is for the occasional day per week, a full time posting for 12 months or anything in between, Expeditus Consulting can help your business with Interim Managers.

Interim Manager or Management Consultant?

The role of the consultant and that of the interim manager are often confused, but there are some clear differences. Whereas a consultant typically recommends actions and can be asked to help implement change, an interim manager has clearly defined, explicit responsibilities to deliver on specific objectives, often from feasibility and planning all the way through to implementation and review. Reporting directly to senior management in the organisation, interim managers are more likely to be given line management responsibility and be practical, hands on managers. Interim managers are sometimes thought of as temporary, executive managers in the business, and may appear from the outside (and indeed from inside a company) to be an employee.

Interim Managers can prove to be a highly cost effective solution to temporary staffing issues. Not only are you getting an experienced, high calibre executive with a proven record, but you are also avoiding the significant costs associated with hiring permanent staff including holiday and sickness pay, pensions, stock options, company car, healthcare insurance etc.

Typical Interim Management assignments

Examples of typical assignments where an Interim Manager could be particularly useful include:

  • Cover for senior personnel on sick leave or extended absence
  • Temporary cover for a senior manager or director on maternity leave
  • Cover during temporary assignment of a senior staff member to other projects
  • Temporary assignment to plan, manage and implement a business restructuring
  • Leading a change program from planning, though implementation to review

For more information about the benefits of Interim Management and to discuss any issues you may have that might be solved through the use of an Interim Manager, please contact us. [Contact us]

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